I’m hopeful about Afghanistan’s future, Razia Jan

Dear all,

Here is a link to an article about Razia’s work for the Zabuli Girls School. In February, a bunch of Kabulites organized a fashion show for the school. We raised enough to sustain the school for a few more months, ANDDDD…there are plans to build roof-top solar panels, with the hope that with electricity, the students can be given computer and internet lessons.

News-piece on Razia’s School.

Changing one story doesn’t necessarily alter that whole, but it perhaps adds colour to a part of it, sheds light on an area wallowing in darkness “I want to tell the world that I’m hopeful about Afghanistan’s future,” says the 67-year old Kabul native and women’s rights activist. “I wouldn’t have come back here if I wasn’t.”

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Fashion Show Pics, courtesy of David Belluz

We will organize a trip to the school soon (when it has stopped snowing) But anyone who wants to come, ping me! so I can organize something soon.

Keep forwarding, keep smiling.


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