Ramazan Distribution


This is an album of first donation drive organized by CG Managers and staff. We distributed 400 bags of cow meat and 100 scarfs to internally displaced people in camps, street-labourers and beggars. It was really sad actually because when people know you are distributing food, they rush and bang on the car and beg for food but we have to drive on when people crowd because it becomes too dangerous, accidents happen and people outside get hurt. We also cannot draw too much attention. Its not nice to turn down people, especially children, but sometimes we just must.

Kabul is a very very expensive city. So money doesn’t go very far though it is most needed. As you may know Afghanistan is amongst the top 10 most underdeveloped country in the world, according to the UN Human Development Index. We can only do what we can given the circumstances. Of course there is no guarantee that food distributed will be equally given to the women in the family (girls are far more undernourished than boys in these societies).

For this reason the money that some of you have donated will be strictly allocated to providing daily meals and snacks to about 200 + girls in Zabuli Girls School for about 6 months. Providing meals in school is one of the BEST methods of encouraging parents to allow their girls to go to school. So this will be a great contribution to the school.  Shoaib and I will make plans to go there in the next 2-3 weeks. We will also buy some school supplies at the same time. 

We are still taking in donations so anyone can contribute. I am sure many of have given zakat already and wherever it may be, however small or big, to whichever country – may Allah bless you for your thoughts and contributions. God can only do to us what he does through us –

Apologies for the unorganized pictures and messy captions. One can only do so much with a 6 day work week!


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