Young Afghan Women for Change takes to the street.

Noor Jahan Akbar of the belief that Afghan women should stay at home and out of the streets, “We want to fight that mentality because we believe that these streets belong to us as much as they belong to the men of this country.”

Pictures from Radio Kooche

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Excerpt from an Al Jazeera article

To start this movement, Hadia-Afghan Youth Volunteer Group for Social Reform and Young Women for Change (YWC), an organisation working for the welfare and empowerment of women, have initiated Advocacy for Dignity, a march against street harassment on Thursday, July 14. Members of YWC and Hadia hope that this campaign will be the beginning of a dialogue about street harassment and advocacy against it and that men, rather than the women victims, will be held responsible for their disrespectful behaviour.

This demonstration, which is expected to draw dozens of youth from across the city, is the first of its kind in Afghanistan. The majority of the participants in the campaign will undoubtedly be women, but many young men have also expressed their interest in the event. We will gather in front of Kabul University’s main gate at 3:00pm. In addition to advocacy through the walk, Hadia and YWC members have invited Afghan and international media to contribute in raising awareness, and to recognise street harassment of women – both as a violation of their human rights and as an issue that discourages women from social participation.


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