Good Travelling Karma

Recycling Stories. This was written in 2009.
Once in England it was raining heavily, I was drenched, it was very very cold. I was hungry, I had money but was afraid to spend it. I was not sure if I had enough for next week. So I ordered a pastry in this shelter that happened to be a 4 star hotel restaurant. The pastry cost me £4, twice what I would spend for lunch (i.e. if I ate outside, which I rarely did). I bought the pastry because it was cheapest. Everyone else in the restaurant was eating a proper dinner. The waiter came and asked me if I wanted anything to drink, I said no. He told me that a cuppa tea would warm me (I was drenched and it was cold), I said no thanks. Just a pastry. Later he served me a pastry with a warm cup of hot chocolate. I told him I did not order it but he shook his head and said ‘Nevermind’. Later after handing me a bill of £4, he said ‘Do not say anything’ and handed me two pounds change. He told me to get a proper sandwich at the station with that 2 pounds.
Today, the same thing happened. And Yesterday after holding my stomach for the entire afternoon, I asked a waiter at the restaurant by the hostel to sell me 5 slices of leftover bread at the restaurant. I offered to pay and he said ‘It’s ok, take it.’ He noticed yesterday I ordered something small without a drink.
People who care understand others, understand their actions and feelings even without any verbal exchange.
I have met so many wonderful people in my life. Everytime I have a little more money, I donate it away to pay it back. It’s always important to keep the circle of kindness running and continuous.
A fortune teller told me once ‘You have good travelling karma.’ It is true, I always meet wonderful people (and men tend to be nicer haha).

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