Happy International Women’s Day

    Hi Everyone,
    Firstly I wanted to wish all a Happy International Women’s  Day!
    In the past two-three weeks, F.I. has had a number of working group discussions and we explored literature on men as partners in women’s empowerment, gender mainstreaming and the last session we had was about the distinction between Shariah and Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) as a conceptual tool that activists can take to answer to opposition against gender equity.
    Some tidbits:

Stories from Darfur


    The Support Darfur Project aims to document ordinary people in their efforts to cope with the humanitarian crisis that has been unfolding in Sudan. We wish to document grassroots community-based efforts which are addressing the structural roots of violence and injustice in Darfur, in order to leverage resources for them in the United States. These efforts include a school for the deaf in a displacement camp lead by community members, a center in which displaced youth learn income generating activities such as carpentry and sewing and a popular education theater group which presents creative pieces centered around issues facing displaced people in Darfur and ways in which they have coped and addressed them.

    The New Women’s Movement

    “If 50 percent of the voices you are hearing in Davos are not women, then you are missing out on at least half of the solutions and visions out there.”

    I watch TED Women (and others) almost every morning. It is like sitting for an enjoyable lecture where you can 100% guarantee that the lecturer will not bore you and the topic is current, relevant and will provoke new inquiry.

    I think you might enjoy this.

    And last of all, do visit F.I.’s Online Digest for very interesting discussions!!

    I leave with a poem/few lines I wrote. It emerged from a thought about class and the possibility that I may be viewed by others as being part of the intellectual elite, therefore making me blind to the experiences of other women (aside myself from other classes, racial backgrounds, academic backgrounds). That consideration is important – if a select group type of women dominate the discourse on equality, it is as authoritarian and hegemonic as patriarchy is or any mode of thinking that consciously or unconsciously excludes. I do not consider myself as part of this group/class-type. I come from a lower than average income household in wealthy Singapore. But I may be unintentionally perpetuating certain kinds of discourses, though I end up assuring myself in the last line that I make genuine time to speak to people from different backgrounds and actually some of those conversations end up in the beats of drums and singing in the night (re: Afghanistan).

    Do I emerge into the bourgeois lifestyle of playing with words, and the art of, some say, pointless speculation about human rights, the purpose of life, the existence of God, and the probable rise of the lower class.

    We sing the songs of the proletariat, after disposing off rotten tomatoes and playing dholak to the night sky.



3 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day

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  2. I love your blog and this post; I do not think you are elitist such that you separate yourself from people. There are many who wax poetic constantly about human rights and politics and yet do not have meaningful connections with the very people whose rights they are discussing – you are not one of them. I wish more people thought this way though, because it really is very very important. And many policymakers, other people in positions of power do not have this connection, which is a sad thing.

  3. Natasha thank you! Sorry i have NOT been in touch but I always read your inspiring words, I wish you wrote a book! HAPPY WOMEN”S DAY TOO!

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