Launch of F.I.’s New Case Law Project

Waking up Saturday morning to a large cup of tea is wonderful. I have armed myself with new wrist guards, went to the doctor and hand therapist. There really isn’t a quick cure, but I am committed to improving the condition of my wrists and living healthily and happily.

F.I. Tidbits

Our case law project has just launched. I stayed up to 1am to e-meet the team of 7 people, some students, some former journalists and passionate in their field. It is such an important project and I am so glad to have found and met Anna Dugoni (Our Project Coordinator) to have really made such an intensive task so easy on me!

About the Project

The need to make decisions available to the public domain, as scholars/activists have acknowledged a lack of women’s awareness on the legal developments that affect their lives and on legal tools that they can use to argue their cases. Thus, the aim is to provide a free compendium of Muslim family and criminal case law in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and promote a greater awareness of the law amongst women, legal activists and lawyers in these and other communities.

‘The efforts at legal reform in the field of family law (DMMA, MFLO) are useful fragments of hope for women’.

Likewise, Indian Muslim law as argued by Subramanian (2008:633) ‘changed over the last generation to give permanent alimony, to restrict men’s right to unilaterally repudiate their wives and to give earlier wives the right to get a divorce if their husbands practice polygamy’he thrust must now be on saving these laws and on implementation of whatever little reprieve they offer’ (Ali, 1998a: 136).

How can judgements impact on women’s lives, when women themselves, and the communities they live in, believe that they have been legally divorced? Much more needs to be done to move towards a gender-just Muslim matrimonial law’ ( Saumya Uma, 2003).

    to ‘unravel women’s rights by interpreting the basic texts of islam from a gender-equal perspective’ (ali, 2000: 5). Thus we aim to show how judges have interpreted the scriptures and whether ijtihad has been resorted to, to provide new interpretations.

I am glad I was able to take some time in the last few days to include new information onto our F.I. website. Visit



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