Zabuli Girls School Doubles for 2011

With a recent dispatch of another US$500 to Zabuli Girls School in Afghanistan, I bring you the brightest and warmest of news!

Loving and sincere thanks to my recent donors: Mehvish and mother, Masi Farida, my Chinese Dadima and other anonymous donors.


Letter from Razia Jan, Founder of Zabuli Girls Education Center, Afghanistan


This month marks the third anniversary of the Zabuli Education Center. That’s three years of real education and caring for our young women. We started with 160 girls attending up to the fourth grade. Next year we will double the number of our students to over 300 girls, now being taught up to the seventh grade. We started with six teachers and now we are able to expand to twelve — themselves young, educated, and now independently employed Afghan women.

Who would dream that we would be making such progress in this country troubled by war, so regularly regarded in the media as a hopeless cause? Some might say what we’re doing is just a drop in the pond, but I believe girls’ education is the best and most vital solution to this country’s problems.

We already have 300 or so reasons to hope, and we’ll add more every year: they’re called kindergarteners! Together, one at a time, we are changing these girls’ lives forever, and in turn we will affect their families, communities, and together with schools and institutions like ours, perhaps the whole country.

We’ve made some nuts-and-bolts progress this past year as well. As you may know, we had wooden walls surrounding much of the school, which we felt was not entirely safe. With your help we built stone walls. Also with your help we were able to obtain a school van that provides safe, dependable transportation to our teachers from Kabul to our village of Deh’Subz. These are small, and yet big, steps and you made them happen.

I have a unique and trusting relationship with all of you. I try with my heart and soul to keep that trust. Our foundation is an open book. If you’re curious and want to know more, or to participate somehow, you are always welcome.

We have gained tremendous new support and friends due to the head of our team in the US, Patti Quigley, Executive Director. Her dedication and vision for the future of our foundation is incredible and comforts me greatly. With these accomplishments and promise for the future, I pray every moment of the day that these girls are given the opportunity to realize their potential. Believe me: with our help, these drops in the pond are going to make big, beautiful, oceanic waves. (Which is just what a landlocked country needs!) Please support our cause. Thank you dearly.


Razia Jan, Founder and President
Razia’s Ray of Hope


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