Aung San Suu Kyi

I cannot stop thinking about ASSK. I feel very afflicted by her courage, lack of self-pity and the manner in which she has decided to make light of her suffering, in order to, direct people’s attention to the worthier cause of Burma’s freedom. There is a sense of insignificance about her; embedding herself in the fabric of her nation, unrelenting, fearless, and not partaking in self-aggrandizement that politicians so often embellish themselves with. How can a woman who has spent 15 years under house arrest, and remotely experience her husband die alone of cancer in London, remain so collected and unspent? What duty is this – her duty to her nation – that has charmed her people, and so many others around the world? I spent one of my afternoons watching all her radio and tv interviews on youtube, and I cannot stop thinking about that gulp she swallowed when she brushed aside, through her brevity, the pain of her separation from her children and dying husband.

The book Freedom from Fear is a passionate piece of literature – that sets her biography apart from others I have read. Because she talks about her country, her people, its culture and its history — and turns us to face the larger cause, the beautiful country of Burma, that she has dedicated her life for. It is not just about her, but her people.


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