Dealers and Town-merchants

You are dealers and town-merchants. You don’t know 1

what is gain and loss in the transactions of love, or 2

what is the price of the heart and the cost of dreams. 3

You will never know how one pays with one’s life, 4

how lovers can meet, how flowers can bloom, 5

why glances give in, why is there a breathtaking pause, 6

how new roads emerge on horizon, how conversations begin. 7

You won’t understand the language of love. 8

You don’t feel the communion between lovers

You don’t understand the crazy state of lovers torn apart. 9

You don’t admire beauty as a force of enchantment,

for you don’t know the innermost core of love. 10

You are inflicted with the disease of expediency

You have faith in a calculated and rational remedy.* 11

You won’t know when it is time to take a risk.* 12

You won’t understand the connection

between wounds and fruition,.

between scars and a burning sensation, 13

between pain and affection.

You don’t know what makes one weep. 14

You won’t understand the wailing and the tears,

or the blisters of lovers who walk in a desert. 15

You don’t understand the sighs and lamentations of love. 16

I know that you have deep appreciation for poetry. 17

It is the art and expression of a refined personality, 18

yet you choose a few words and hear a few sounds. 19

What connects the words with sounds, you won’t learn. 20

Poet: Anonymous

Translator: Mabel Khawaja



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