Mister BBC

I was walking around with my film camera .

Afghan boy: Hello! Hello! Mister BBC, How are you, I’m fine thank you (testing his English). Mister BBC! Mister BBC

Natasha: Mister? I’m not a man. I’m a woman (as though that was more important repudiating than the fact that I was not working for BBC!)

Afghan Teacher walks up to me, wrongly believing I was offended. Afghan teacher: I’m sorry miss. But you know these children they cannot speak English so they did not know.

Natasha: Oh yes of course! I was just joking with them. Afghan teacher does not understand me.

Afghan teachers asks: So who are you reporting for? BBC or AL-Jazeera? Natasha laughs.

Natasha replies: No none! I am filming for Aschiana.

Afghan teacher: For Our Aschiana?

Natasha: Yes! Your Aschiana!


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