13 days entangled and excited

Hi loves,

So many things have been going on lately. I get up feeling really excited every morning. I have poured my heart and soul into reading, job applications and re-strategizing F.I.’s work. I spend most nights call-after-call. There are just so many interesting things going on. I only eat two times a day and I have not combed my hair for 13 days.

Nishma has moved to Delhi for 6 months, Raz is going to Delhi for a spiritual retreat — and I am thinking of joining them for a few days, subject to work. Nishma has a really cute blog: http://inthewindmillsofmymind.tumblr.com/ I really love Nish. She is so energetic, full of ideas. She was/is also FI’s UK Project Coordinator.

Been having infinite calls with Helena. When we start we never stop. The other night I was up till 6am talking to her. We started with F.I. and went on and on and on about everything else – Helena has a way of approaching work that resonates with my principles and ethics. We value people (our interns and researchers) and we value their contributions. We work as hard as possible to ensure their work with us is substantial and fulfilling and we are thinking of new ways to do this. How are we giving them a sense of ownership over the project? We are moving into letting them take over the working group discussions — so really excited about this. You can access some of these here: http://www.feminijtihad.tumblr.com

When we say we want to increase the accessibility of academic and activist scholarship on women’s rights —- it opens up a whole separate discussion on what we mean by accessibility, the levels and dimensions of it – flirting with multi-media and multi-platforms, thinking about we attempt to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical activism. We spend a lot of time deconstructing scholarly work, dissecting it into its single elements and working with those elements to ask ourselves ‘How can this argument be reframed so we can make a case for its utility in practical projects?’ — it is a different way of analyzing text — text is now being analyzed with an additional criteria — how does it enrich activism and development work? How does it inform lawyers, social and legal activists, policy makers, NGO executives, human rights officers, and specialists? I think F.I. has really been as rigorous as it can be with the scholarship we research, gather and analyze.

The start of the year has opened up new paths for me. I see myself travelling (between borders, paradigms of thinking, words on pages), meeting many people, and creating new projects, …I am really excited to start work (though I am not sure which) – and re-locate myself. My friend told me something interesting, a concept expounded by Naseem Taleb. He said the future is very unpredictable. Our job is not to speculate — but to put ourselves out there and increase our odds/chances to get somewhere.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses. I’ll write back soon.



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