From Panjshir Valley

Elinor my first ever friend in Kabul is from Montreal, Canada. She is a huge supporter and fundraiser for Aschiana’s School for Street-working children. Just a few weeks ago we emailed each other. On one of the emails we were sharing some stories of getting stopped by the police or army in Kabul, and her story was so, so adorable. I wanted to share it with you:

My famous line when I am quizzed by police, army etc. and they want to see my passport, is “Man az bozaraki Panjshir astom” — I am from the region of the Panjshir valley. They look at me, then my passport, and then me and then crack up laughing. That works really well — they forget why they stopped me, call their friends over for me to repeat my sentence, and then all laugh and send me on my way. At the airport when the weren’t going to let me leave because I didn’t have my foreign registration card, I told them I was a volunteer teacher at Aschiana and then at Kabul University. They respected me because I was a teacher so let me board the plan as planned (Whew!).

Elinor Edmunds Miller, Cofounder Friends of Aschiana

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