UN Women: Virtual Dialogue on Aid Effectiveness

Between 15.11.2010 – 03.12.2010 UN-WOMEN is holding a Virtual Dialogue where members can use their online space to share information/ ideas/ practices, reflect and debate on how to better integrate a gender perspective into the financing for the development process, as well as on how to promote gender-sensitive development projects around the world. Various individuals, agencies and organisations are coming together to participate and collaborate on this unique project. The dialogue will form the basis for a UN publication which will include the input from everyone, including Femin Ijtihad members.

Preliminary tasks:

  1. Sign up online here: http://un-instraw.org/aegp/en/sign-me-up. Be sure to provide details about your role with Femin Ijtihad as well as other background details so you can be properly referenced in the report.
  2. Have a look at the website to get a better idea about the project, the organisation the the aims: http://un-instraw.org/aegp/.
  3. Read and start thinking about the topics in the Preparatory Working Paper:http://un-instraw.org/aegp/en/preparatory-working-paper.
  4. Browse through the articles in the ‘Library’ section: http://un-instraw.org/aegp/en/library.
  5. Use the links to find out more: http://un-instraw.org/aegp/en/links/4-links.
  6. Look at the forum to familiarise yourself with the rules, last week’s key themes and the arguments presented/ publications posted by others: http://un-instraw.org/aegp/en/forum.

Written and Organized by Nishma Jethwa, U.K. Research Coordinator, Femin Ijtihad



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