Tanks, Taliban and Donkeys

We were on the countryside road driving when in front of our path I saw this donkey. So I exclaimed “Stop this car noooowwwww! I want to touch this donkey.” Actually I am slightly afraid of most animals. But look at this donkey’s ears and soft eyes, how not to be moved? Farid Farhangfar, my dearest Afghan friend once told me in Kabul “Natasha you get excited when you see three things. Tanks, Taliban, and Donkeys!” Farid, remember we travelled the longest journey out of Kabul to Pul-e-Charkhi Prison, that massive fort! We saw a donkey with side view mirrors the shape of Mickey Mouse ears. It was adorable. Wasn’t it funny, you told the police general that we had permission to enter the prison from the Ministry of Justice!? We were going there to interview inmates.

These are pictures of Pul-e-Charkhi. They are not my pictures. They belong to the BBC and RAWA.


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