My bangles are made of glass

Apologies for not writing. I have severe wrist pains.
I was taught everything is transient. Except I still hear the echoes of a long played santur [persian instrument]. What a beautiful instrument! Aaa.. Kitni zalim yeh dunia hai. [How cruel this world is. — because the santur slices my soul, so moving]

Feel the strike of the tabla, at the feet. My pazebs used to sing. Now if they came out loose as I am walking, I walk away. I left my dancing shoes in America. And all my bangles are made of glass. [Meaning: I am listening to all these beautiful music pieces, I feel the strike of the tabla at my feet. But I can’t dance. I stopped dancing]

Poem: Shishe ke khwaab leke, raato mein chal raha hu, takara naa jaaun kahin


3 thoughts on “My bangles are made of glass

  1. Hi, I love this pic, do you have it in a bigger size maybe? I’m thinking of putting it on my wall…

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