My dance is now my origami


Today was an amazing day for me. I woke up, answered all F.I. emails, did yoga, detoxified my body, and Danced (with a capital D). It just felt great to be in touch with myself and finally feel my body. My numbness is subsiding. I feel alive.

I feel my spirit finding life in music and finding music in life that seemed to have faded out in the past two months. I am happy and thankful to God. And grateful to those who picked up little pieces of me, and found the right fabric to hold this body together. I spent last weekend sewing myself together. And this love for life now tastes like honey in my mouth.

I am excited for life and I am not even sure why!

My dance is now my origami. I am using my limbs to fold into myself and form shapes outside my streamline. My toes are as orange as the peaches in your orchard. But they are ugly because I keep twirling. My hair is like wild-fire. If I express my personality, my dance becomes eccentric – so my hair burns in the heat of this dance. With the right rhythm, even a stomp of my feet can feel as light as a feather falling. And you can see how the music breaks me. How the lyrics take me.

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