Spill: It is all about Art

Hi Everyone,

My apologies for a lack of update.

1. Marianne’s blog is such a piece of art and has beautiful words stringed together to inspire creative thoughts. I must share this with you!


I have always loved Wushu and will be starting classes next week!

3. Different people have different types of consciousness, and levels of consciousness. I believe truly connected relationships allow an exchange of experiences that permeate the boundaries that define us, or that limit our consciousness. We grow through such relationships.









4. My darling friend Nic Foo has moved to Delhi for a year. See his growth and writings here.

5. Landing in Kabul



3 thoughts on “Spill: It is all about Art

  1. Wushu is amazing!!! So cool you’re starting classes. In Rajput culture we have something very similar with the talwar (sword). Do update on how this is going! :)

    Also, out of curiosity (and wanting to know people in Delhi for when I go in Jan), is the nic foo you mention the one that was at Warwick?

  2. I suppose all iz well. I watched the movie, dear, my hand on my heart. I tried calling you 5 times this week. Never got through.

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