A closer connection to the animals

Thanks Ellen and Amir for making this possible :)

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5 thoughts on “A closer connection to the animals

  1. Natasha dear, I stumbled on your facebook profile by chance and was thinking to myself who is this natasha I know when did I meet her. I remember you now from back in the days and now reading all your blog posts of course it is you. Of course this is how you have grown to become. I am now COP of a consulting firm in Sudan and in my life in Sudan I came across many big people many courageous people and many people with a will to live vivaciously. But you are different, Natasha dear, I have not met anyone like you with your energy and kind-hearted personality. I wish you the best in your birthday and dreams will always come true because god is not with you, he is in you. God bless the man who will be with you, nay God has blessed him already a big spark has entered I seen him in your eyes, even in photos, one kind of awakening but the window of opportunity is a small window because god is giving you many paths all good ones, many people in this future is waiting for you to make a decision on which path so all small windows are opening for you. It is important Natasha dear that you are trusting your instinct. Do not care for thelooks or the status or the race or the age or the profession but the connection. Many people will want to keep in you in their life you are like a treasure for them. Some will take advantage it is no doubt but you move swiftly past them and the signs are giving you direction. God is blessing people you have not met with the possibility of meeting you. God has blessed the people who have met you and lost you. God are still blessing those who are kind to you and giving them many returns for their big heart. It is easy for you to love and the women in your life will see this. The men in your life will see this. There is no lack of abundance is god;s will he sees you with all his eyes. He is listening with all his ears. Do not worry about losing a window of opportunity that will come and knock on your door momentarily because people have to be ready for your entry and there are people who are not ready for your entry in your life and will turn from the opportunity. But you are creating many relationships and have turn away some that is living in the past. But the will is strong although your body is weak and your body is reminding you that your heart is beating slowly because the life has extinguished, but the window is there. Stop listening to the music you are listening to and listen to the silence, there are answers that you will discover and the future is waiting for it to be embraced in the the present moment of living. RELATIONSHIPS are being formed and broken and formed and broken. There is one spark, on a tiny chance that you take with positivity and the path is made for you but wiating.

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