Femin Ijtihad: Hidden in Plain Sight

Femin Ijtihad will be participating in the Monday October 18th session of the upcoming Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development Conference, “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Pleasure, Policy, and Politics of Muslim Women and Their Bodies.”  During the afternoon’s workshop sessions on “Politics and Policy Impacting Muslim Women and Ways to Engage,” Femin Ijtihad’s Director of Research, Helena Zeweri and Director of Development and Communications, Medina Del Castillo will be speaking about F.I.’s objectives and how our organization can offer innovative avenues for activists to use more nuanced and locally appropriate approaches to help facilitate grassroots advancements in women’s agency. We will highlight how we strive to make more discursively accessible, scholarship that looks at different manifestations of Muslim women’s agency to activist initiatives and organizations, and potential models for including scholarly research in to the philosophies of their programs.  We will also highlight the importance of looking at scholarship as a tool for activist engagement and a re-orientation of the paradigm for what women’s social progress and women’s agency mean in different contexts. F.I. will present how its products (content and utility analysis, toolkits, electronic database), its organizational partnerships, and its forms of social and media outreach are designed to provide NGOs, lawyers, and the general interested public with a more accessible and holistic set of information on the challenges and realities of Muslim women in Muslim-majority societies.  We will ultimately strive to show that activism must be a thoughtful endeavor, based on a strong knowledge of the historical social, economic, and political processes that have helped to shape women’s pasts and their present.

The “Hidden in Plain Sight” Conference will be held on both Sunday, October 17th and Monday, October 18th.  Below is the preliminary agenda and please visit this website for more information:http://www.hidden-inplainsight.org/


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