Men become yardsticks by which judgments are made

I have been working! Look at that nasty inflammation of the wrist!

A quote from a collection of my F.I. coordinator, Nishma sent me:

“Too often when women’s experiences are not drawn, men and the experiences of men become the yardstick by which judgments are made.” “ In many contexts, the process of demystifying established truths is accompanied by an effort to build more inclusive histories that better address women’s experiences and priorities. Some mandates have been criticized for advancing a narrow and partial truth that focuses on bodily injuries by state actors or militants aspiring to state power. For example, in South Africa women were denied active citizenship under apartheid, and the human rights violations they suffered were often located in the private sphere or domesticated into the “ordinary” violence that forced removals and group-area legislation deployed to segregate living and working conditions, rather than the “extraordinary” violence of torture and disappearances. Thus, the truth commission’s focus on the latter has been said to fundamentally misrepresent women’s experience of apartheid and skew the truth.”


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