Relationship with presence

I am practicing how I relate to the present moment.

Try to notice whether the present moment is regarded and treated as if it were an obstacle to overcome. Your emotions are your guiding posts. So when you feel frustrated, angry, or upset, you know you are not aligned with your true nature. When i feel down about my situation and feel I have to ‘wait’ for things to become better, i know that i am treating the present moment as a means to an end, that is, to an end/future that does not exist now and that when it (the hypothetical future) does finally come, i will experience it as a now!! The hypothetical future will be experienced in the now as the now! Therefore, I have nothing but the now. Life is experienced in the now. Life is the now. In the realization of this, when I resist the now, I am resisting life.

When we put up a resistance against life, it is a resistance against the fact of the now. You do not accept the what is of life’s current situation. If life is a flow of space/time people/events, then when there is resistance that flow of life is bottled up. Thus When you resist, the natural flow finds it difficult to help you emerge from your situation, through the natural change in space time events/conditions. Remember you are also an integral and indivisible part of the natural flow. Let go.

Through conscious acceptance of the what is, you allow life to flow and instinctively it will present you with creative solutions for renewal and change. It will even come to a point where you become grateful to the presence of the difficult situation because it has offered you wisdom for better living.

Deal with situations not on the level of problems ( frustration blame accusation pride wanting to be right hurtful words) but on the level of solution. I accept that the current situation is as it is. I take responsibility for my part to it’s contribution. I remain kind and connected to my inner nature and the people around me. I stop compulsive thinking. I stop finding excuses. I just be. Aware of the present moment. I pray and meditate. When Frustration and upset returns, I notice it. I don’t deny human emotions. I just notice it.

I have had answers come to me during intense presence.

Having said this, again I have not always been consistent in my practice. But at least for the past three weeks, I have been more aware of this. And naturally as my resistance is weakened, answers open up. The answers may not always be aligned to my nurtured/conditioned/limited beliefs. But I have a knowing in me that this is right for now. I feel it’s right-ness. Sometimes the result leads relationships to dissolve, sometimes I do not attain the life goals I want. But I trust in life’s flow. And I trust in the goodness in people and nature.

Lots of love and I wish you peace,

Isn’t this cat sooooo cute?


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