Wales’ Wide-eye Wonder

Travelling down this enchantment is a wide-eye wonder. We let the roads take us, like the mountains let the river. The longer we drive, the faster we discover that this has no end. This is life. There is no destination, the destination is the journey. Wedged between a valley, huge rocks and boulders grow at all angles. They show us how the geological changes the Earth has suffered to eventually reach this state of magnificent beauty. I don’t want to close my eyes.

There was a little waterfall high up into the mountains. Crystal clear, cold, refreshing. Here I am perched on the rocky depths of a tall mountain. At this height, there is sense of freedom and I realize how much in love I really am.

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2 thoughts on “Wales’ Wide-eye Wonder

  1. That’s so beautiful! Not just the place that you’re describing, but the way that you describe it! Your writing is phenomenal. What an exciting thing, to travel and see these beautiful places.

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