Meditation: Practice Compassion

One of the four Viharas. I practise this once a day. I do not have a fixed time period, as soon as I feel calm and silence, I wake up.

Close your eyes. With every exhalation, allow the feeling of compassion to radiate from your heart, filling the space around you with the energy of compassion. Inhaling compassion, allow it to fill your heart and every cell of your being, and then when you exhale, let compassion flow forth to all beings who are in any way suffering, and fill the world around you with empathy and compassion. Visualize an ever-expanding sphere of light radiating from your heart, filling the entire world with compassion, and embracing all living beings in the loving light of universal compassion. See compassion encircling the earth for everyone. Allow yourself to send this feeling of compassion also to yourself, a sense of caring and patience and understanding for yourself, nourishing yourself and being loyal to the truth within yourself. Breathing compassion, become compassion, and being the living embodiment of compassion, allow this feeling to radiate from you as you shine the light of compassion, filling the world with the light of compassion.


One thought on “Meditation: Practice Compassion

  1. The World Honored One Flicks Dirt* with His Toe

    [The Buddha is speaking]:
    “When the mind is pure, the Buddha land will be pure.”

    At that time, Shariputra, moved by the Buddha’s supernatural powers, thought to himself: “If the mind of the bodhisattva is pure, then his Buddha land will be pure. Now when our World-Honored-One first determined to become a bodhisattva, surely his intentions were pure. Why then is this Buddha land so filled with impurities?”

    The Buddha, knowing his thoughts, said to him, “What do you think? Are the sun and the moon impure? Is that why the blind man fails to see them?

    Shariputra replied, “No, World Honored One. That is the fault of the blind man. The sun and moon are not to blame.”

    “Shariputra, it is the failings of living beings that prevent them from seeing the marvelous purity of the land of the Buddha, the Thus Come One. The Thus Come One is not to blame. Shariputra, this land of mine is pure, but you fail to see it.”

    Shariputra said, “When I look at this land, I see it full of knolls and hollows, thorny underbrush, sand and gravel, dirt, rocks, many mountains, filth and defilement.”

    The Buddha then pressed his toe against the earth, and immediately the thousand-millionfold world was adorned with hundreds and thousands of rare jewels. All the members of the great assembly sighed in wonder at what they had never seen before, and all saw that they were seated on jeweled lotuses.”

    The Buddha said to Shariputra, “Now do you see the marvelous purity of this Buddha land?”

    Shariputra replied, “Indeed, I do. Now all the marvelous purity of the Buddha land is before me.”

    The Buddha said to Shariputra, “If a person’s mind is pure, then he will see the wonderful blessings that adorn this land.”


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