Definition: Personality

What we call personality is built on a foundation of relationships and situations.


One thought on “Definition: Personality

  1. Does the self even know it’s own personality?
    Is there a difference between what others perceive as the personality of a person and what that person herself thinks about her personality?
    If yes, doesn’t this mean every person has at least as many personalities as she has (human) relationships? And is your own image of your personality more important than what others perceive your personality to be?

    Once the foundation is built, what can shape the personality? Doesn’t a personality have the ability to shape the relationships and situations it ends up in and in this way shape it’s own foundation? Can you then still use the dependency-denoting metaphor of foundation for describing the connection between relationships, situations and personality? Maybe it’s not so much a “foundation” as it is a “circle”

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