How can I love you more? By struggling with myself less.

At any given moment, the world is offering the best results possible. God takes two. And bridges another two. People meet. Opportunities are created. Love extends. We are all on the same road. My relationship with you is a relationship with God. I know because I ask myself ‘Am I learning, do I feel like I am growing? Is my love extending beyond my former field?’ Do I love others more because I love you? We learn to love God/world through loving the people around us, loving nature,  — if truly there is just One Reality and God is expressed through our interactions with individualized expressions of that One Reality, ..I am not sure how else to exist in Unity with him. I am at the point where I cannot see God in any other way. Why do we point upwards to God?

Can I do away with rituals and meditation, — at some point do I become self-involved, by thinking all originates from the self. I think there is something missing in the experience of one locked away in the mountains. God is radiating from the plant on your porch. Happiness you can find in the smile of the postman. Or these blue birds who want desperately to bite me.

The events in my life reflect who I am and what I am prepared for. The people in my life reflect aspects of myself. Nothing is random. Everything that has happened is following an intelligent design. I haven’t begun to trust it yet. Some of these concepts I believe, but do not trust. Others I hold to my very essence.

My relationship to every person, is a relationship to this world. I only learnt that yesterday.

How can I love you more? By struggling with myself less.

I wrote this sometime back:

Because there are birds who love despite knowing when one dies, the other will die too. And daisies that blossom holding to no promise that you won’t eventually trample on them.


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