By Ramanathan S. Mavanasi

Each of us is immersed in a network of coincidences. We are synchronized with one another through a conspiracy of coincidences. This synchrony is choreographed by a great pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature. We discover that by applying attention and intention to these coincidences, we can create specific outcomes in our lives. We consciously shape our destinies moving closer to enlightenment. This is the miracle of Synchrodestiny.

The universe is an on-off phenomenon. The continuity and solidity of the world exists only in the imagination. In reality, we are all flickering in and out of existence all the time. The sensory experience of al living beings is a purely artificial construct created in the imagination. There is a Zen story in which two monks are looking nat a flag that is weaving in the wind. The first one says, “The flag is weaving.” The second one says, “No, the wind is weaving.” Their teacher comes over and they pose him the question. The teacher says, “You both are wrong. Only consciousness is moving.” As consciousness moves, it imagines the world into existence.


One thought on “Synchro-destiny

  1. Recognize AND BELEIVE God and goodness in
    every small thing YOU SEE and feel
    and every face even if in a crowd
    and know within
    There is no saint without a past
    and no sinner without a future.
    Praise everyone.
    If you cannot praise someone,
    let them out of your life. set them free
    Be original, be creative
    Be courageous.
    Take courage again and again.
    Do not imitate; be strong, be upright.
    Do not lean on the crutches of others.
    but lean on the cruxes within yourself
    Think with your own head. Be yourself.know thyself
    All perfection and every divine virtue
    are hidden within you. like a gemstone glistening in the dark
    polish them and Reveal them to the world.
    Wisdom, too, is already within you. like the kernel in the mango fruit
    Let it shine forth like an ocean pearl
    let in grow more fruit if a mango tree
    Let the Lord’s grace set you be loosed amongs the stars
    Let your life be that of the rose;
    in silence, it speaks the language of fragrance of a perfumed satin pink rose with the nectar of the morning due and gods love shining through
    Poem by Diana Sudron

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