The Law of Mind – Ernest Holmes

Written for Amir, on my Ipod.

This has been written by Ernest Holmes, paraphrased slightly by me. I added a little explanation here and there. But the concept is primarily his.

This is regarding using thoughts and consciousness to attain what you want in life. It shares similar concepts with that espoused by Tolle, Hicks and Chopra.

The law of mind demands, by it’s very nature, that we affirmatively believe in and accept its operation. It would be useless to argue why this is so, just as it would be useless to argue why there is a law of gravitation. These laws exist and any law of nature will respond when we comply with it. It is not that we introduce new law, but that we bring the law we are always using under conscious control. Therefore, spiritual mind practice calls not only for definite attention and active awareness, but equally for a sort of relaxation because of implicit confidence in the law. There must be a calm confidence in it. It It is active but poised, conscious but balanced, definitely directed but not pushed into place.

This practice is not mental coercion, it is not mental suggestion. It is awareness, a spiritual awareness of the mind. We need not wonder whether or not it operates. What we should pay attention to is our own inward awareness, building up an expectancy and increasing faith. Just as you are sure of the law of gravity, just as you know that the law of harvest will provide a crop, know that this law of harmony will execute your word. One does not have faith in himself, as an isolated being. What he has is faith in the Principle, that is the law.

This practice is the very essence of faith. It is the essence of conviction – an act of assurance – a complete surrender of the will to a willingness to believe, complete abandonment of self to the larger consciousness.

You perform a dual duty. One part is listening to the greater presence, I.e the universe is speaking and interacting with you. The other is speaking your conviction, faith, that there is power in your word and that the universe wishes only abundance and harmony for you.

This is not a process of adjusting Reality to the condition that needs to be changed, but adjusting the condition to be changed to a Reality which already exists. Do not be discouraged. An obstruction is but challenge to your consciousness and it is by these obstructions that causes you to reflect and learn.

But it is difficult for you to have power if you yourself do not have full conviction that it really is there. Be confident about the power of your thought and word in trying to achieve what you want. Unless you give it power, that is faith, it remains ineffective.

In making certain affirmations like ‘i believe’ or ‘i can do it’, the intellect is organizing itself for the purpose of coming to certain conclusions. You will adjust your thinking, your mental seeing, and inward feeling, to the proposition that everything, rightly
understood, is part of a whole harmony, of complete unity.

Withdraw all personal opinions from your thinking. Let us use the illustration of setting a physical object on a table. While we may move the object from one place to another, we are not forcing or coercing the law of gravitation. We are merely changing our position in it. The law of mind does not need to be created. It has always been there like the law if gravity. You only need to decide your place, your position in it.

According to the law of perfect harmony, (that is the law that the universe seeks harmony, that peace and happiness occurs out of its natural flow of things), there is peace at the center of your being. All confusion worries are created by you. If taken away what is left is peace and content with the way of being. Your default natural state is complete peace. Recognize this, internalize this. The peace does not really assert itself, because it never ceased asserting itself, it was always there. We are merely looking at it from a confused manner or adding confusion to it.

When making statements or thoughts, remember the power is not in the statements we use as in the consciousness they induce. They help us become aware of that which already is.

Nothing happens by chance in the universe. Everything is in accord with law. You must have a complete conviction that a higher use of the law of cause and effect transcends a lower use of it.

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