The two powers of Creation

The power of ‘I can’ doesn’t necessarily follow (or mean) ‘I will’. That I have a choice to make or break, love or hate, stay or leave, pray or sleep does not accrue me all power of creation based on choice. Choice and choosing is separate. Your individual power comes from having a choice. But if the choice is not effected, that power remains the potentiality, without effect. Many a times we are too scared, too lazy, or do not even think of using choice to effect something. We lay down responsibility to others. Life becomes a game we don’t play.

There are two powers of creation. There is You. And there is the One above you. The One above does not require your faith. It does not need your faith to work. But if you give/have that faith, it is likely you will be able to use it to meet good ends. The Universe is at every single moment ‘causing destinies’; it connects lives with opportunities, people with people, network with network, ideas with ideas, thoughts with action – there is a harmony that ensues from this natural flow. Deepak Chopra speaks of the silent efficiency of nature. He uses the example of how effortless the migration of birds are, the blooming of flowers, the working of gravity…That power of creation is stronger and more harmonious than the human act of deliberate choosing and doing.

It is hard to understand this. I myself find it difficult to grasp that there is a law behind which the creation of my life occurs. I don’t myself author my own life?

So I tell myself to situate me in the perspective of eternity and unity; eternity, meaning not bound by time/space. I think the idea of time whatever order it creates, destroys the eternity we actually have in our hands. Time is only perception. And it can be limiting. The division of time alone as past, present and future – being bounded by your past, worrying about the future and forgetting the present is an example of this.

What do I mean by situating myself in the Perspective of unity? – that is knowing that I am part and One with the Universe, with all life and with all natural laws of life. This means I can be ‘done’ by those laws and I can be ‘doing’ them too.

So where am “I’ in the creation. I am there. I have always been there. Sometimes I mess things up because of all the stories and past baggage I carry. I forget all the ‘time’ we have is NOW. But I am there. I do create. But alongside me is the Universe being created (with me in it). I am creating the world and the world is creating me. It is a parallel process, though it can converge, it is cyclical, it has an end, it has no end. Think of the many permutations and combinations of this. The possibilities are infinite and limitless.

By realising and having faith in the higher power of creation; that is if you lived with awareness, if you lived in compassion, and if you lived with trust that the higher power always wishes for ‘balance’, then you feel FREE.  So sooner or later, it is not me who does the doing. I am just part of what is being done. And I know this when I see the signs  – the signs tell me I am living in awareness and I am reacting with the Universe. The presence of the signs are there for every-one. If one lives with awareness, you’ll notice it, and learn from it.

My warning sign is to read too much into it. So retain a silent core. I have difficulty doing all I preach, by the way.


3 thoughts on “The two powers of Creation

  1. Thanks for sharing this natasha. I am intrigued to know the circumstances of your life that is making you think this way

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