The entitlements we give to authors

Excerpt from diary entry dated 19th of July 2010

Sometimes I tend to cling onto concepts written by authors; Tolle, Holmes, Kant, Thoreau. I take them as truths because the very process of conviction (what others may call blind faith) may open me to new paradigm shifts in my thinking. I call them realizations. The very affirmation of their truths is a means by which I attain something else. I do not believe in ‘truths’, merely ‘perceptions’. In my inner core, I see them only as a different lens to describe and perceive the world. But sometimes I get carried away. I become like a disciple to their practice. So I remind myself. I do not attempt to suspend belief in their words. I just say to myself: ‘Sometimes ‘silence’ is better than ‘practice’.


2 thoughts on “The entitlements we give to authors

  1. I too read Holmes, Kant, Thoreau, Tolle. Wise concepts with a sense of mystery. Have to be wholly convinced running on faith to believe it.

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