Ishq Allah, in his manifestation

Extract of an email I wrote to a new friend

The popular expression of love in contemporary media and even its dissection in books is extremely superficial – as though love is to be chased, or created by seduction and plain manipulation or in games. Love needs no deception. It self-regulates through mutual . I don’t know where I finally experienced pure conception of love. Maybe a combination of realizing God is love (Ishq Allah), turning to Sufism and these epic tales…prayer, poetry, prayer. Then I fell in love with the right man.

You naturally assume your place as a manifestation of God, and you see that in your loved one. There is nothing to her but His happiness. And to him, nothing but Hers. Imagine the effect! Constant ecstasy. Devotion. Being in love, the divine nature of his creation becomes illuminated in our eyes. You become the lover of the world. I myself had felt this – constant happiness. And constant it was because I never took it for granted. I couldn’t!- I was overflowing with gratitude. Completely consumed, every touch, every breath, was another sacred step. It’s beautiful, truly.


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