All these Sufis’ and Nooris’ are in us already

Perhaps the fragrance from that happiness of divine contemplation will meet us. If this were not the case, what relationship would there be between hunger in fasting and surrender to greater Will?
Of what use would be these open invitations, destinies that move without will to meet with strangers?  What use would there be in love that moves us to write secret letters, sing music, read poetry? Or of the the water trickles that sing to us at this brook where we read?
Because there are birds who love despite knowing when one dies, the other will die too. And daisies that blossom holding to no promise that you won’t eventually trample on them.
There is no reason to love, but love alone. There is no need to create, mate, marry, promise, possess or glorify the simple act of sex. All these Sufis’ and Nooris’ are in us already. I feel them kicking.

2 thoughts on “All these Sufis’ and Nooris’ are in us already

  1. Dear Natasha,

    Remember we met at Warwick University in the Islamic prayer hall and we were talking about Sufism. Well I have converted to Islam since though I did not drop my Christian name. I felt it was unnecessary like you said that God does not identify us by our names or appearances. I apologize for not being in touch as often as I would like to but this is a good time to give my thanks for your sweet nature and helping hand. Like you I am on the same path and there are good changes I am feeling. You write about it the same way I am feeling it and wished only I could write as well as you to convey it.

    I met a new man 3 months another Sufi, you know him. We have spent many nights talking about god and relationships and consciousness and we read the book you advised us and things have changed so much. we are becoming One now, in the sense that in the Oneness of Allah. there is no christina and jack anymore just Us as One. it may be a short while but we have merged our lives together and i am going to amsterdam to see him again shortly.he too really wants to meet you and we are ivinting you to stay with us when you come to europe as we have things to ask you and want to learn from you and for you to be a part of our changes. Please come and we will take care of all expenses and arrangefor your air ticket. i myself have never feltso connected to another person we are moving into each others essence and sharing this. you said your old selfs will disappear and things you thought were you start to become irrelevant. these selfs are just illusions of who we think and say we are and i remember you told me the selfs will dissolve effortlessly. I think you are writing about it until today. I believed before that I could not be with someone for too long. I had big commitment issues. You know my past histories. Jack is too a reserved person and he refuses to meet people. But i am nothing now like you wrote in your ‘meeting with the buddha’ in india. it is the anything-goes type of situation.

    I believe in love that doesn’t make distinctions between people.Now Jack and I are losing our previous distinctions of who and what we are as we are only thinking of what gives complete happiness to each other. I am not afraid of marrying and being with one person and trusting is becoming easier at the same time.

    Thank you natasha and write to jack and i and forward your blog posts to us. If you can come to amsterdam in the summer we will gladly take you in and also bring you to red light district!

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