Stations in Manhattan


I see many of you around. Sometimes I pray and not know what I am thinking of. I stare a lot haha.

Manhattan is beautiful in its own way. My eyes look for life but I wouldn’t substitue these high rises for taller trees. The colour here is richly stale apart from Times Square of course, but I love how peaks light up when the sun slips in. Its hard to admit but there are spaces between these buildings. The sun eventually finds its way to us.

Central Park was a contrasting delight. There was a pond, its surface gleaming grey/blue in the sunlight. I was excited, as you can imagine. Between man and nature, there was something sweetly romantic.

Medina and Frankie were such sweet hosts; I want to spend more time with them when I come back again. They have something refreshing and genuine about them. Their energy reminded me of University.

I disliked D.C a lot. I loved New York so much. But England, …England is something special still.


One thought on “Stations in Manhattan

  1. Gald to know that you still prefer tall trees to tall buildings. Nothing compares to the colours of nature eh! We both found our sanctuary in wildlife. You had always been happier and smile more when you are surround by nature. I love to watch your face lit up with new explanations of how nature creates and evolves from one form to another.

    Always keep close to nature my Princessa.

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