At every step

Today at the track, I gave all prayers to the suffering heart. I feel very light. I spent some time listening to rumi’s poetry.

Why when the beloved speaks, even the simple words sing, and the silence permeates – it is all I hear. How much more poetry will you recite, how many more words will you say…. To come perish at every step…

I sure know how to.


4 thoughts on “At every step

  1. Sometimes I try to visualise what you are going through inside that makes you think and write like this. What happens

  2. She doesn’t write as well as she dances. Her public performances fail her.
    Have you seen fingers dance? Her chin, eyelashes, eyes, shoulders. All dance.

  3. Are you all chatting on my comments haha?
    Yasmine, how are you?
    I didn’t. I went to D.C instead hahaha I don’t know whats going to come from dance now. I haven’t left it.

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