I could, but should I

I could, but should I: by Sultan i Jannat

Carve a piece of the rainbow to keep with me always?

Its just a little piece. No one will ever miss it.

And in God’s time, many more will be created.

I will take good care of my piece.

I will hold it against my eyes, taste it with the tip of my tongue, dwell in it like it is my own heaven.

I could, but should I?


One thought on “I could, but should I

  1. That is very pleasant. Who wrote it natasha? One of your boyfriends hahaha!!

    You must be in america now. Call me soon or I’ll email you now actually. I have some good news for you about the dance destival on the handmaidens tale if you are willing to take some time off. Check your email.

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