Where is the boy who never grows up?

When we are angry, we are never in line with our true nature. This nature is one that gives, one that loves, one that cares, one that laughs. It is this nature that shines mostly through from you than anyone else in the world, or everyone else put together. In a decade of beautiful and true friendship, what does 5-days worth of angry exchange and harsh words count for? Have we not remembered, for the rest of the time it was us laughing, you making fun of me, me making fun of you. We raced each other on the sports-car track, rowed together in the sun, ate sushi in the most unlikely of places, climbed hills, explored caves, walked and talked so much in the shrub wood, even the birds must recognise us. Remember how I missed you when you were all wrapped up in the harness ready to paraglide, I missed you as if you were never going to return. Everyone else laughed at me. Then when you took off, I ran down the hill and followed you to be as close to you as possible. That evening the clouds were overcast, it was going to rain; I didn’t care. It wouldn’t be my first time. And it was always worth it.

myeverything, …


One thought on “Where is the boy who never grows up?

  1. How can I not remember??! The thought embarrass me but we had such a fantastic time – laughing and running around like to kids. Our days together were filled with laughter and joy – feeding the geese in the lake, chased by the sheep in the field, exploring the waterfall and numerous others……

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