Gypsy hair and a back pack

I want to leave Singapore for a few days to go anywhere….I think the mountains on the back of an elephant. Or somewhere further, it doesn’t matter so long as it is nourishes me, darken or lighten my skin. My colours must change.

Two tasks and then I shall load my bag and get ready to go. I will leave end of February, early March. The destination will come to me. Actually it may be in my good fate that I have left already, I don’t know but someone sure does.


Sahara xx


5 thoughts on “Gypsy hair and a back pack

  1. Where are you going? And for how long? You just said you wanted to return to England and did you win the Pro Bono Awards?

  2. I don’t know where, it will come, we’ll see. It may be that I am already going to leave mid or end of March, but I don’t know yet. I feel someone knows my future.

    Pro Bono Awards – I think the results come out end of March.

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