Did the bomb or a fan explode?

I have many dreams and nightmares – that’s why I have a whole topic category on this under the drop down menu.

I heard some really odd noise. I thought I was in Kabul (I normally do when I hear loud odd noises) and immediately said to myself ‘Oh there are helicopters overhead, I wonder what happened?’ Actually in real life the sounds were coming from my room fan (blades not sitting well). This continued for some time, I fell asleep. Then I heard a loud explosion. I got up shocked from my sleep thinking ‘Oh another bomb! I wonder where it is from…’ In my mind I somehow connected it to the ‘helicopters flying overhead’. When I realised I was not in Kabul, I looked at my fan – the blades just cut right through each other and I had plastic bits all over my bed.

A few years ago, this was commonplace – confusing locations, especially when I hear something loud, I become frightened and I think I am in Kabul all over again. Back then I had mild panic anxiety disorder. It was only when I changed my environment that the fear went away eventually.


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