Take all, take in abundance but the heart…

Today I sat out and drew out some beautiful concepts for my dance, I’m a gypsy and another piece I haven’t found a name for. Jaanam also sent me some galactica music which draws together eastern musical instruments and has this incredible wave of drums pounding. He knows what provokes my spirit. It’s so incredible I fear my dance may fail the song. Here I am trying to evoke a More natural and instinctive way of moving, one derived from my more primal nature. I have been wanting this for two years now.

AP, thank you for the poem you wrote about me. I’ll use it for my eulogy. I hope by then I would subsume this self for another greater, this inexistence…

This is not an entry I want to keep – I thought one song could mark an end to this fluttering, wings taking me at whim from one flower to the next. No ports can take me, I choose to leave as soon as I came in. Each land is left with only words and stories. Then no trace of me I leave. Even scents evaporate like pearls of tears in the heating sun. Sure I have deceived this world; my love is as absolute as the ocean, to each some. Love I can give to many Take more, take in abundance; there are always more oceans to traverse, I will guide your sail. When you have reached India, steal more poetry, run my pen dry, even tears will dry away. My love is absolute and many. Take all, take in abundance. But My heart is for one, only one and none.


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