Begonia Colours and a New Year

Yesterday I bought two begonia plants for myself. Baba was on the phone from England helping me choose in a beautiful large garden centre 500 metres from where I stay. My baiyah is finally home and I am so happy he is back :) He went to the Philippines and stayed with his friend so he really got to live  the local life. There is even one video of him fumbling with real guns. I saw one boy putting the gun (blank) to another’s head and wow, its a scary sight.

I am so excited for the next coming days. New Year’s is around the corner, I have an amazing reading list to complete, Nadia’s moods seem to be unnaturally but superbly high (therefore she’s easy on my personality), mama’s feeling slightly better and more than ever before I find myself just so thankful to the world for what it has given me. I feel so happy to be alive. Perhaps partly it is my recognition that I could have easily been born somewhere else and we know how geography alone changes opportunities.

Do you know military action in Gaza took place one year ago? Would you have preferred to work on the front lines; to add one more body to humanitarian aid? And how would you have felt if you were there but blocked by the Israeli government and military to deliver essential humanitarian supplies and medical assistance? What would you do? Gaza contains 1.5million Palestinians. The world failed this time. And not its first.


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