My favourites

I spent the last two days exclusively with Nadia. We had a dance, we ate so much, we got stopped by the police (twice!), we gushed, we pretended to work. I didn’t want to be with anyone else. It was not necessary. She wasted my time perfectly through and through. But we did talk. We talked about love, about her recent fascination in snails, about Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian work with the UNHCR, about adoption in developing nations, about negative stereotypes of Islam, Muslim traditions and Islamic law, Eurocentrism and moral superiority, about her upcoming travels to really beautiful places, about my loss sense of identity, about her newfound happiness and good place in life…

Then I drew on her hands. The artist’s signature is on my left arm.

She is a friend who truly cares. I remember her calling me worried for me in Afghanistan, praying for me to keep safe and always being there, online, over Skype and Gmail at odd hours in Singapore to give me her trusted and sincere companionship. She is honest in her love. And she gives herself wholly. She is happier about my happiness and achievements more than I am.

She adds value to my life. She accepts me. I find myself weird sometimes and she knows how to make it look good.

Today I spoke to the Sunshine and he gave me another ray because I told him I was feeling down. I remember in Afghanistan I felt scared because of attacks and earthquakes and twice he stayed up with me over the webcamera and stayed there until I fell asleep.

It doesn’t matter the cost, where he is, where I am, what time it is, what he is doing….my safety and well-being is always first. First before anything else. ‘I am always monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.’ There is not a day he does not call to ensure I am safe, that I am eating well, that my spirit is high, that I am happy, that I have enough. ‘When will I stop worrying for you?’….’Ahhh, you see I let you worry for me because it gives you pleasure!’ We laugh.

I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am always grateful. You do know that right…


One thought on “My favourites

  1. really nice to read your views
    I will read them slowly over the next few days
    Its snowing a lot here

    On new years night I was praying just before midnight and the cloud over our house changed into
    a huge AUM OM
    And baba said he had come to bless me
    Just like the ray of sunshine which blesses you from time to time
    God Bless You
    I did not realise you know Hindi!
    Lots of blessings

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