Playing by heart, people coming together

So much has happened over the last few days; so much self-thinking and self-absorbation then strangely followed by nature outings. They don’t fit. But Oh it felt good to leap from one rock to the other yesterday; you could say I had the legs of Pocahontas. Topped with freckled sweat beats on my nose, and the burning sensation of my skin darkening I felt natural.

Today a video took me back to early January in 2009 when I felt suddenly a sudden change in me. This was at a time when I was just so immersed in the act of service; so came hours at end watching speeches at the World Economic Forum, joining online awareness projects on inter-faith understanding, reeling through movies on poverty and development, interviews with famous philantrophists, donating money, my big sky dive followed soon after, then the Clinton Global Initiative. I was bursting with passion.

I loved inspiring and being inspired in turn. So my role as a young female activist naturally acceded to becoming a mentor for youths and adults who wanted to volunteer in developing countries or go into a career in development work. I feel very strongly for further education wherever there is an opportunity especially amongst Afghans so I assist human rights activists in Afghanistan search for scholarships abroad, follow them through their application process and it seems now with some success, I also proof-read their essays when the time permits :)

Today I received another two emails and it feels satisfying to be in the position to link aspiring development workers to people and places, to further motivate them……as I wish I had when I was younger.

Now that I feel re-energised I want to redefine my purpose for the next 2 1/2 mahiney:

  • Weekly Nature treks & exploration
  • Dance (Aooge Chalo, I’m a Gypsy)
  • Compile a document for the NoToRape Campaign in Singapore on a potential criminal offence of marital rape under Islamic law
  • To analyse techniques in legislative drafting in the Afghan Draft Family Law & Afghan Draft Law on Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Compile a book of inspiring stories of Muslim women for Afghan organisations to use in their training, education and awareness programs
  • Produce a free online database of summaries of over 50 articles read and researched on Gender in Islam
  • Set FI up as a non-for-profit in New York and Singapore
  • To work with EPICS on a new project which I will write an entry on soon!

There is so much to do.



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