Reborn with a Sight

Everything in nature tells a story – the bark of a tree, the leaves, the sunset, the shape of the mountains, the meadows, the swamp. Each have their own story to tell – they tell of their birth, their contribution to the whole picture of nature and their success (that is if human gives them the opportunity to survive). Every insect and animal add and make it possible for them to be wonderous. Just imagine even without the simply fly, some flower may not bloom and some carcess may not rot away – playing a part in birth and turning them into food for other to survive/ produce and gain strength.
To understand about beauty is to understand them.It is wrong to appreciate, say, a beautiful flower without understanding how and why the plant that bears the flower is there. Its wrong to appreciate the flower itself only but not the plant. Its wrong to appreciate the plant without appreciating the insect/ animal that make it possibe to seed in the first instance. Everthing in nature is inter-connected. If you can understand and appreciate all these than you have just been reborn – reborn with a sight.

– Written by Monches


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