This is so much I loved about a foreign land

I see England fleet by as soon as it came, as soon as it left, ….. I leave this time reminiscing

I see vaguely the eagerness in which the stars participate, my glasses crawls between the pages of a worthy book
here across the world, I’m trying to find stars in words
and there, words in stars

[in Singapore I try to find inspiration in the books I read, and in the european countryside nightsky, it is the stars that give me inspiration/meaning; watching the nightsky is a reflective activity]

a loving man sees autumn leaves of red, brown, and orange. he thinks they are natural palettes for the insightful artist.
he paints red and brown on her
I arrive with red, orange and brown autumn leaves in my hair

this nature
there is blanket of colours mixed, splattered, in an unearthly fashion
but no, this is Earth, what is unearthly?

I feel at loss for nature
today i wear my boots
they remind me of my walks with him
he knows nature
there are no ending stories to flowers, he will tell
some people tell me I don’t seem to suffer from loss
do they think so now?

a loving woman and I dance in the rain today
we lie in the grass
we run
we imagine the roofs as man-made waterfalls
in singapore we ran in the rain
she doesn’t know i thank her silently


i long for some trees
can i hold

the beloved gives me a gift
3 books
for when i return to england
with a binoculars
maybe nature will come closer to me
this time i will do it alone

[3 books, see picture]

this is so much i loved about a foreign land.
he,…sorry she is gone.
the queen reigns on the other side


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