White City and the mini earthquake

Two nights ago there was a mini earthquake in Kabul – lasting just a few seconds, the 2nd I have experienced here. I was actually particularly scared. I was sleeping and when the room started shaking, I immediately thought either someone has barged into the house or there is a war outside. It makes me so scared and even after knowing it was just an earthquake, I found it difficult to sleep out of ‘fear’. I felt nausea and sat in the toilet for awhile before going back to sleep later.

Today we were stuck on the road for 1 1/2 hours. The roads were closed and locked and there were sirens heading the opposite direction. Apparently there has been a protest near the Parliament. I am not sure what happened, but Koko Rabbani and I just sat there in the traffic munching on Afghan french fries with pepper, drinking Afghan red bull and learning the difference between present and past tense in English.

When I arrived at the office, I saw the sign ‘White City’. No meetings outside today.

I spent a little part of this afternoon stealing time off working hours to see some classical dance videos. Oh the past few days I had tried so hard; but I had become tired, my chest hurts (coughing) and I have lost my upper body strength. What a few months of waste can do to you! I miss the days I danced, for hours at end, experimenting with different sounds and techniques. I cannot wait to return to Singapore and start dancing.



One thought on “White City and the mini earthquake

  1. This was the protest against the rumour of a soldier at Wardak burning a Quran.

    How is everything else?

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