Doctor of the Taliban

I live at different places sometimes. Last few nights I stayed at Modar’s sister’s house. Her husband (everyone calls him Doctor) is a famous doctor in our village. Today morning I asked him why he didn’t leave the country when the Taliban came to power and he said ‘They liked me very much. I was their doctor.’ He used to treat patients of the Taliban leadership in Kabul (not Mullah Omar who was based in Kandahar, the Taliban’s stronghold). So when the U.S invaded Afghanistan in 2001, he fled the country and hid in Pakistan for 6 months!

Because they had good relations with him, not one time did they enter and ransack his home nor rebuke his wife or his daughters. His eldest daughter Sahar (one year younger than me) remember she had to stop school for 5 years and is now trying to catch up – she is in her last year of secondary school. The eldest son, Asif told me he himself became a Talib in school. By the time he was of age, he was forced to wear a turban. All the girls school was turned into boys school, even the famous Lycee Malalai named after an Afghan heroine who removed her veil and to make a flag for the Afghan army when the leading flag bearer was shot by the British.



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