Eid Mubarak

IMG_5415 IMG_5414

That’s Shoaib (Sunbol’s cousin) and Wais (Sunbol’s brother).

IMG_5413 Sunbol’s sister, Mursal


Sunbol’s father



Sunbol and I outside her house, going visiting

IMG_5428 IMG_5425 IMG_5430 IMG_5431 IMG_5435 IMG_5429IMG_5440 Bobo, the grandmother. I felt immediately attracted to her when I first saw her because she had the most ancient face (beautiful folds), beautiful eyes and reminded me of my late grandmother. We became really close instantly and now she really wants me to stay with her yikes.  IMG_5441 IMG_5446 IMG_5447 We visited so many houses and every house we ate the same food (pistachio, muruku-like, almonds, kishmish (raisins), almond cake and sugary biscuits). It does not matter if the family is rich or poor, the food is still the same. The past few days I have had really bad abdominal cramps. IMG_5426

Modar and Sunbol


Actually this night was the highlight of my Eid. Sunbol’s father is a policeman and he is for most of the time stationed at Logar Province. This green car is his police car. We drove from Salangwat to Khair Khana, stopping at Chilsetum and Taimani to visit relatives and I begged Wais to allow me to stand at the back whilst he drove. Actually he said no and Modar said its very very dusty out there. But later he stopped and told me to go. His sisters could not, Sunbol saying Wais would have slapped her if she did that but I realised because I was a foreigner it was different for me. It always is different for me. This is actually very inappropriate for a woman but it was night time and the only time men looked in shock was when we stopped at the roundabout or stopped to turn. But otherwise Wais drove so fast and although I trapped dust, dirt and sand in my mouth whilst singing ‘Aaj fir jeene ki tamanna hai’ I really felt free; and you know freedom does not come easily in Afghanistan. I always find myself suppressing my personality, affection, smile and laughter to remain guarded and modest at all times. But that night my scarf flew with the wind and I thought to myself ‘I am very happy..’

The next day I met my baradar Sayed Sami and also met his wonderful family. I had one touching moment when his mother gifted me a blue lapis necklace in a beautiful lapis jewellery box. You know there are times when people do something so unexpectedly that you wish to just stay there and thank them a thousand times for their kindness. These gestures so frequent in Afghanistan are gestures I will never forget. Later Sayed made my day by letting me drive his car from Khair Khana to Salangwat. I drove all the way home! It was a little scary; Kabul’s traffic is chaotic and aggressive, apparently more than Cairo even. But  Sayed who understands neuro-linguistic programming said all the right words to make me feel I am in control over the car and nothing will go wrong, though once he moved his hand over the handbrake and I made fun of him for that. I don’t have a license and it was my first time driving on a proper road so it was a real exciting experience for me. Today I asked Kor Kor Rabbani to let me take his taxi and he sat next to me whilst I drove myself to the Juvenile Court for a meeting. It really is a novelty to see a woman driving in Afghanistan and so all the other drivers around me slowed down to stare and laugh and I took those opportunities to get ahead of the traffic. Even when I stop for pedestrians to cross the road (there are no pedestrian crossings in Afghanistan), they will stop, stare and laugh as I shout over the screen ‘Go, go, go cross!’. Women drivers are easier with the pedestrians, they must think that! I think driving is going to be my next hobby. Maybe I might ask Kor Kor Rabbani if I can spend a few hours driving his taxi during the weekend and pick up people  for him whilst he rest in the passenger seat. That would be really fun!

Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai

Aaj phir marne ka iraada hai

Dil hi bas mein nahi main
Dil hai kahi to hoon kahi main

Apne hi bas mein nahi main
Dil hai kahi to hoon kahi main

Jaane kya paake meri zindagi ne
Has kar kaha, ha ha ha..ha ha..
Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai
Aaj phir marne ka iraada hai
Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai
Aaj phir marne ka iraada hai

Main hoon gubaar ya tufaan hoon
Koi bataaye main kahaan hoon
Main hoon gubaar ya tufaan hoon
Koi bataaye main kahaan hoon

Dar hai safar mein kahi kho na jaun main
Rasta naya, aa..aa..


3 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak

  1. Eid Mubarak to you Natasha!
    glad you had a wonderful Eid.

    I need to drop u a mail once i get done with all the chaotic-ness due to Eid!
    have had the email in draft mode for days and get interrupted by visitors!

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