Not so Funny Story but funny for me

I am learning Dari from Sunbol. She teaches me in Urdu and then tests me every night. So I was learning the difference between wash, want, eat, buy which all sounds a little alike. So I confused ‘I want’ with ‘I wash’. I always do that. So as a sentence example trying to use the word ‘want’ and thinking I said ‘I want a computer’ I said ‘I wash a computer’ and she got upset with me. And then shouted ‘Agar computer meshoyam (wash), computer kharab shuda!!!!’ — meaning ‘If you wash the computer, the computer will be spoilt’

Today I looked out the window and a little girl peeked up from downstairs and I said ‘Shoma makbul ast’ meaning ‘you are beautiful; and then another girl came out and heard me so I repeated it to her because I didn’t want her to feel bad. THen another girl came out and I repeated it to her. Then 5 more girls came out and I said ‘And shoma (you), shoma (you), shoma, shoma and shoma.’ Sensing my tension, all the girls started to laugh, they laughed so hard they fell one on top each other. Really.


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