Climbing Mount Pico (Volcano)

I lived with so much of freedom that at 1400 metre high at Pico Volcano, I sat perched on a rock with clouds all around me singing at the top of my lungs to Hindi Music and dancing. I was soooooooooo amazed at how much happiness I felt that by the time I came down I had to give it away to other people.

This trip was not meant to happen, or maybe it was, I don’t know. I could not afford the 40 Euros to pay for a taxi to take me to the volcano and back so I went around bargaining with drivers. None could come to a reasonable settlement and so I walked along the North Coast of Madalena, still thinking of Pico Volcano. Then I met Carlos! He said he would take me there as long as I covered the cost of fuel. I was extremely thankful, extremely extremely thankful.

The quiet is wondrous up there, and I had time to think and reflect, to be alone with myself in the midst of the moving clouds, the cool air. I wanted to climb higher and higher but it was too dangerous. After awhile, the clouds gather and sometimes you cannot see anything past a metre so I had to map the route out in my head, then later climbed further to find a place for me to be with myself alone. It was really a beautiful experience, in some ways challenging (cold, wet, steep, quiet) but overall another step towards a great self-discovery.

All around you could see beautiful secondary creaters, volcanic rock and formations. Carlos and I picked up about 5 different kinds (type, texture and colour), some glistening with metallic colour! The history of the entire island makes this volcano climb a fascinating experience, and as you trek, you can see what you’re walking on, beautiful lava formations and formations of many different kinds, each with its own name and character. I love a story behind the place, then you rethink of why you’ve come here, what you have come to see and how it has changed you.


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