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I will write at length about my trip to swim with dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean and have so much to write about. I wrote a temporary email and have two public links to pictures for all to see.


I just came back from the Azores Islands, off the Atlantic Ocean 2 hours away from Portugal and had one of the most freeing journey of my life.Oh, when I was younger, it was every girl’s dream to swim with whales/dolphins in the wild, in their natural habitat. I had a little dolphin softtoy mama if you remember and a little dolphin necklace and this time I said I will fulfil this NOW. Never wait. Do everything NOW NOW NOW NOW.

Dolphin Experience
I was out at sea everyday for 3-4 hours. We went whale spotting and dolphin swimming. The latter was quite scary because as soon as you jump into the water and look down, with the spell of light resonating beneath you can really tell how infinitely deep this ocean is! The Atlantic Ocean is very deep! There were floating Portuguese men-of-war jellyfish that terrified me after my fingers got lost in a wandering tentacle- ooh it burnt and I have scars still and it is itching. But the dolphins, oh my, the dolphins were really amazing. It was really amazing to be with them in their natural habitat swimming and tossing all around you, curious in many instances, speedy, light, buoyant and everything beautiful. You can hear them communicate, see them interact with each other, travel, and ride with our boat waves. My last trip with the dolphin was really most memorable, so precious I wish I could lock it into a locket for always to remember. I was looking all around me, dolphins swimming amongst each other when one from the pack left the pack and came towards me. I tucked my hands into my chest and just paused as it came closer. I was thinking in my head ‘Oh my, this animal is a big animal’. But its eyes was so warm and we were just looking at each other for 10seconds before it went away. I managed to consume this and live it. Often in moment of excitement, experiences swift by you (like the sky dive!!), and I really made myself experience it slowly. So in that wait, I was able to wave my hand to say hello to the dolphin and by the time I got back up to the boat  I told Enrico ‘You can send me to the plane right now back to England, I have gotten what I want.’

1 week in the Azores was just so freeing. I never felt so at liberty in my own self. It was a test of my ego, vanity, perceived needs, and consciousness – all of it. It was a test of so much that I believe are inhibitions to some growths I have not experimented yet. By the time I came back. I was really tanned and black,  jelly-fish stung and bruised all over my legs and the best part, I did not take a shower for 7 days apart from the last night!!! I was out at sea for 3-4hours every morning. All the body-wash I had was being out at sea snorkelling twice and swimming with the dolphins twice. Salt water wasn’t too sticky but it did burn my skin. Everytime I came back, I told Enrico, ‘I have just consumed my week’s supply of salt’. I brought one pair of proper clothing, two swimming wear and one pyjama wear. For the 7 days I was there, I ate meals less than 3 Euros (good meal would cost you 8Euros without a drink). It was all so perfect. I really lived like I wanted to live and spent all my money either in the sky (mountains), underground (caves) or at the sea (Atlantic). But I lived with so much of freedom that at 1400 metre high at Pico Volcano, I sat perched on a rock with clouds all around me singing at the top of my lungs to Hindi Music and dancing. I was soooooooooo amazed at how much happiness I felt that by the time I came down I had to give it away to other people. It was easy to because Pico (15, 000 inhabitants) have such lovely people. Even the tourists, local people, workers – all of them. I have many friends all classified according to their nationalities when their names are hard to remember haha.

Kind People
Enrico who took us out to sea to find whales and dolphins is a really good man in his heart. He has so much of vibrance and warmth and a spectacular sense of humour. He was really kind to me and I call him my Teacher of Cetaceans as I learnt so much from him. He had such a passionate energy that it just made me happy even just he walking into the hut. That alone made me happy. He was really kind -he gave me a discount from 55 euros to 40 euros per dolphin/whale trip. It was really sweet of him. But many people helped me during my stay. And I cannot tell you how many miraculous stories!! A taxi ride of 40Euros to the volcano was given for 5 Euros to me!!!!!! But I gave him 20 Euros because he was diabetic patient and also I acidentally found 15 Euros in my other pocket which I believe God cunningly planted. He used to do that when I was younger as well. Just leave money lying around. Sometimes I tell him not to be too careless.

During the trip I had alot of love all around, great love and great happiness and great freedom. Especially freedom which I will write more about. I am learning and experiencing compassion and freedom with more regularity that even a brooding man with an ugly english accent cannot stop me!

I want to take more time to write about this trip because it was really special so I’ll send more emails later.

But two links to my picture album:


2 thoughts on “Temporary Write-up and Public Album

  1. Warwick will sure miss you optimism and brilliance. You are a graduate now. You have been waiting fr this

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