दया Compassion: Desi and I

Extract from email dated 16th of June 2009

Desi and I landed on compassion. It was perfect.  Two nights before we were talking about it. Her with her work, me with my work. Our common bridge is especially with our work for children. She wrote at length about it during her trip to Guatemala with Patch Adams. The way she describes it is the way I describe it and I notice compassion is universal, its one. The feeling is the same even if the words that describe it are different. Desi and I were living in this constant state of compassion towards others and it was inspiring our goals of what we wanted for the lives of others. It was behind my turn of direction with FI from designing new legal constructions TO spreading stories of love and compassion the Prophet Mohammad demonstrated to the early Muslim community. It was behind Desi’s dream of encouraging more compassionate relationships between doctors and patients. For us, it was about inspiring a compassionate culture, within us internally and externally between people adverse to each other. I think we met at the cross-roads at the right time in our nascent ambitions and at the intersection that was just one sign pointing towards one direction. The sign said Compassion, this way.

IMG_2341Being with Desi especially during the first few days showed me how important it is to keep myself in this ‘scene’; being surrounded by people with graciousness and love for others. When ambitions are big, people are normally skeptical and its hard to find those who are compassionate enough to believe that whatever you do is right for the time and right for the phase whatever the outcome. And I am thankful to the Universe for my mentors, my teachers, my life-companions, and thankful to the authors who have written to inspire others on the paths they have chosen to take.


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